My name is Alyssa! West Michigan native - Pennsylvania dwelling. I am your go to personal hype girl and photographer. My style is different, I love pops of color but also live for neutrals! I have a mild obsession (okay... maybe a big one) with Starbucks cold brew and chai tea lattes. I am guilty of going to Starbs at least 3x a week. It fuels my work day!

If you asked me what my favorite tv show to binge is, I would have a hard time choosing between Schitts Creek, Greys Anatomy, and New Girl.  If i'm not at your session, I'm probably browsing the holy land... AKA Target. New Baublebar earrings anyone? Statement earrings are my go-to statement piece and I can't live without them. With that being said, I will be there the whole time to help you style for your session! It's one of my favorite parts of planning a portrait session! 

I believe every season of life serves a purpose. It’s my job to capture all the moments leading up to who you’re becoming, whether that’s a husband, a wife, a senior or graduate, and everything in between. 

When I’m not behind my camera or my computer, you’ll never catch me sitting still. I love to spend my weekends lakeside, boating or beaching it with a book in hand! (Couples and seniors who book me for waterfront shoots know the way to my heart.) 

Hugs, alyssa


There is something magical about escaping to the beach with your closest friends and family for a few days away. Throw in a cozy fire and grilling dinner and you have a perfect weekend!

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days lakeside 

Chances are we are a good fit if you love a sponateous target run *almost* as much as I do. I don't know about you but I go to Target for Target to tell ME what I need! *True story more times than I'd like to admit!* 

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a target run

One of my favorite tools of self care is sitting down with a new novel. I am a huge fan of going to Barnes and Noble and just walking around the store. It is so calming! My favorite books to read are mysteries and the occasional self help/discovery book! 


A good book

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The why

When I was a little girl, I used to spend hours drawing wedding gowns. My sketch book was FULL of gowns I’d envision the grown-up version of me trying on someday. I outgrew my sketchbook around the time “Say Yes to The Dress” came out. Of course, I was hooked on the show; it renewed my love of all things wedding. 

Throughout high school, I went back and forth on what I would be when I "grew up.” Unfortunately, daydreaming about my future wedding was not a viable career option. I loved so many different things about different jobs that I had no idea. Somewhere along the way, I picked up a camera. It was almost impossible to put it down once I realized how fulfilling photography could be. I’ve always loved flexing my creativity muscles, and stepping into the best version of myself. The best version of me serves others. Photography is how I do that best. It’s a talent I didn’t even know I had, but I’m glad it found me, and I’m SO glad you did too. 


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"We laughed and had so much fun! Alyssa was  great at directing me for poses that looked natural in my photos.  My dogs absolutely adored Alyssa!"